Yalta is perhaps the first association that comes to mind when you hear the phrase "rest in Crimea." And, having arrived in Crimea, it is impossible not to visit this beautiful city, Yalta, the pearl of the southern coast.
The secret of popularity among tourists in Yalta is a special combination of mild climate, warm clear waters, healthy air, picturesque scenery, an abundance of different boarding houses, holiday homes and large luxury hotels and cozy small hotels, entertainment infrastructure, proximity to a variety of historical and cultural sights of the Crimea.

Rest in Crimea in Yalta is primarily at the beautiful sea and picturesque coast under the amphitheater of the Crimean Mountains that is sheathed securely from cold winds and is given a unique atmosphere of rest and relaxation.
The city and its surrounding beaches are pebbly. Directly on the territory of Yalta are two beaches:
- Massandra beach – Massandra is one of the favorite places of rest for guests of Yalta and the local population.
- Yalta city beach Located in the heart of the city. Popular mainly among immigrants.

In the vicinity of the city there are several attractive options for a beach holiday in the Crimea in Yalta:
- Beach boarding house "Coastal", also known as Maurice Teresa beach. It is clean, comfortable and not crowded. There are mostly vacationers from boarding and local residents. Get out of Yalta by car.
- Nikita beachThe beach in the village of Nikita. People here are generally lower than in Yalta beaches, clean water is different, stunning views, privacy. Nevertheless, cafes and stalls are operating
- Dolphin beachis adjacent to Livadia, the most remote beach town.
- Livadiais considered one of the best in Yalta.
- beach of hotel Yalta-Intourist is the most comfortable.


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